Chilean Medical Association Country Club

          Pitch and Putt Course

This beautiful Pitch & Putt course, located in the Commune of La Dehesa, has a privileged view of the Andes Mountains. The course has 9 greens, with two different tees for each green set at different distances from each hole (White and Blue tees). The sole exception is hole 3, which has tees that face the green from different angles. Holes 5 and 14 are the longest holes, which share a green that has two holes. This course has one of the most difficult holes in Chile, which is number 2. Most greens are uneven with respect to the fairways, thus adding greater difficulties. Few players manage to play this course below par.

​The films below were shot last July, which is the middle of winter, a period when the greens are being reseeded. The dark areas in the greens correspond to sand and gravel that are covering the replanted areas.

​We thank the Chilean Medial Association Country Club, a pioneer of Pitch & Putt in Chile, for their help in shooting these videos, thus allowing us to share this outstanding  course with players everywhere.

We cordially invite you to take the hole-by-hole Virtual Tour of this course