Welcome to the Chilean Pitch & Putt Federation

The Chilean Pitch & Putt Federation promotes the practice and development of Pitch & Putt in Chile. To pursue these goals, we have set up this Webpage which is open to all suggestions and comments related to Pitch and Putt in Chile.

The goal of our sport, as in traditional golf, is to play rounds of 18 holes. The objective is to hole the ball from the tee in the least strokes possible, following all rules and regulations governing the sport. Pitch and put is played in courses with par 3 holes, meaning that they are designed to be played in 3 strokes. The total par of the course is therefore 54 strokes.


The basic rules of P&P are:


1. - Distances: (a) Maximal length of any given hole: 90 meters (99 yards). (b) Maximal length of the entire course: 1200 meters (1320 yards)

2. - Each players is allowed to carry up to three clubs, one of which must be a putter

3. - The use of tees in mandatory

Chile has 4 courses available at present. In Santiago, the Chilean Medical Association course and the Spanish Country Club (Estadio Español), have two private courses, yet they open to Federated players. A public course, named  Aconcagua, is also in Santiago. Recently, a fourth, 18 holes course has been inaugurated in the IV Region up North, called Puerto Velero.

The Chilean Federation has organized the annual Chilean Team Championship, also known as the Federation Tournament, uninterruptedly for the last 15 years. It has also organized 2 International Tournaments, and has participated in 4 World Cups, where its best performance was 5th place 

This year, the Chilean Open marks our first tournament officially sanctioned by FIPPA, for which we are most grateful and proud, and which will undoubtedly further our relationship with P&P worldwide

This page is a space open to all Federated P&P players. We look forward to your feedback, announcements, graphic material and all contributions you see fit to further the development of national P&P

Between last July 1-3, the V World Cup was held in Andorra. The winner was Ireland, who beat Cataluña 3-2 in a thrilling final match at the hosting course in Xixerella.

The Chilean team was formed by Pablo Caviedes, Emrique Desmaras and Joaquín Cataldo, accompanied by Patricio Rubel, President of the Chilean Federation, who acted  as Team Captain.




The Chilean Federation of Pitch & Putt will host the International Chile Open from Thursday November 18th to Sunday November 20th in Santiago.

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La Federaciòn Chilena de Pitch & Putt serà el Anfitriòn del Open de P&P que se realizarà en Santiago de Chile entre los dias 18 al 20 de Noviembre de 2016.


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